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Founded in 2015, Ev Art Soul is built from nothing but a deep passion for art and unique expressions through paint.  

A passion for going beyond the ordinary. A brand with soul, an intuitive and creative expression showcasing custom made hand painted designs on clothing and paintings. A brand born to offer not just incredible paintings but also wearable art.


Over the years, Ev Art Soul’s world has gathered perhaps hundreds of beautiful stories and personalized articles, all created with great care, passion and creativity. Attention to detail, simple, versatile but atypical cuts combined with paintings and handmade details make Ev Art Soul completely unique and extraordinary!


This is anything but ordinary , This is something completely unique and artsy. Ev Art Soul is a brand that emphasizes on creative expression and authenticity that teaches how to be Your best You. 

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Evelina Turcu Modern Art & Design



Painting is a part of me, feels like I was born with it, feels like something flowing completely natural, even though has taken shape later in my life. As a child, I loved playing with paint, just like any other kid, except that for me felt like passion. Something stayed with me in memory, I remember my teacher couldn’t believe that is me creating the paintings, I was playing a lot mixing dark shades in that moment, colors were something that came at a later stage.  Years have passed and in 2015, in just a blissful creative moment, I revived my passion and started painting again, just like that, creativity burst out and I have never stopped since. It was a desire for creation, a desire to express what I felt.

Colored feelings.. It just happened. 

Not long after, appreciations and encouragements have begun. I enrolled at the Popular Arts School Iasi where my professor Dorin Lehaci, discreetly started to send my works to National Competitions organized by art schools and where almost every year I received an award.  Painting always blossomed spontaneously, naturally, evading the rules. Simply creating, pursuing the story that was blooming with each stroke of my brush touching the canvas, growing with every breath. Something beyond understanding moves my hand, plays with colors, explores the depths of creation. 

And just as I didn't think that I would restart painting, for sure I didn't even expect that at some point I would play with my brush on clothes. If you ask me why, I would say simply because I love all things unique and beautiful, I love playing and digging deep into my creativity. And why not wearable art, that makes somebody feel so special and unique. No one should compromise when it comes to personal taste.

The name Ev Art Soul was born directly from my style of work. I devote my heart and soul into each brush stroke, into each creation regardless of what is it, canvas or a blouse, and each piece reflects that state of peace and joy I am in when I create it. Is my intuition and heart playing with paint, my emotions surfacing, and each is designed in a way that I love it deeply because I know that If I love it, somebody else would love it too. Each piece created is unique and inspires authenticity, freedom, creativity and pure art. A passion for going beyond the ordinary.

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Crafted unique hand painted art whether that is a painting or a piece of clothing. Art that makes you look good, feel unique and trendy. Quality over quantity. Each piece has a unique story, intuitively tailor made burst of a creative moment and reflects authenticity and pure creation. Through art, I encourage everybody to "color outside the lines", express their individuality, go on big adventures and live boldly. 

State of mind

Be the best version of You! Be unique Be You!

Core values

Presence. Live simple, and easy will follow. Stay curious. Be authentic, passionate and compassionate. Creative & Visionary. Dream and live in colors. 


A collection of awarded paintings, where I negotiate the relationship between forms, colors and concepts and I allow the paint brush to move freely to create its own story.  

In the attempt to convey emotional energy through it and destined to brighten any space.

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