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Clothes Collection

When it comes to fashion and any sort of artistry, it's empowering to have an individual creative style. Attention to detail, simple, versatile but atypical cuts combined with handmade painted details make Ev Art Soul unique.
This is anything but ordinary, this is something completely different and artsy.
Ev Art Soul is a brand that emphasizes on creative expression and authenticity that teaches how to be Your best You. 

"Is all about painting in colors the way I feel, about a beginning, about how I continued a story, about a gift., about a Soul, about finding myself ..."

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How to

The art painted on clothes is hand made with special materials and high quality Italian paint and is fixed by ironing it. This process makes it durable in time and water resistant. 


The best method for cleaning it is by using the delicate program of your washing machine with a temperature of 30 - 40 degrees Celsius. You can also iron the clothing piece at any temperature, the safest way would be placing an ironing sheet over the paint work.


If you are interested in purchasing any of the creations please let me know!

How to
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