• Evelina

Style spotlight: Dreaming in colors

You can go for a long time without wearing a unique style or noticing the power of colors. That’s how it was for me with all the colors I now paint with.

I get inspired from everything around me, I love all colors. It felt right to begin playing with them on clothes too. Wearing colors, what a beautiful way to feel joy all the time.

Adding a colorful piece to your wardrobe brings everything together in an almost magical way. Colors can elevate simple pieces into a creative look and transforms the ordinary into something unique, something extraordinary. It was orange and yellow my most recent favorite colors! I choose a shirt to play with as my canvas, and I have allowed the brush to move freely and express what I felt. A few years ago, I would have chosen blue or grey, but not now. Now was about pure light and sunshine.

Creating something in bright light colors felt as easy for me as eating peach pie. I love this. That bright, joyous color surprised me. Why? Because I used to be comfortable wearing quiet neutral shades until this point. This time I fell in love. I fell in love with yellow and orange, and with the sun, the sun is everything! You would too, try it, dream in colors!


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